Evidence that iron stores regulate iron absorption--a setpoint theory.

  title={Evidence that iron stores regulate iron absorption--a setpoint theory.},
  author={Michael Gavin and Deirdre M. McCarthy and Philip J. Garry},
  journal={The American journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={59 6},
To evaluate the concept of a predetermined "setpoint" for iron stores, 20 healthy elderly individuals (12 blood donors and 8 nondonors) were studied to examine the effects of changes in iron stores on iron absorption. Oral iron-absorption tests revealed a statistically significant increase (P < 0.001) in iron absorption in donors, 7.4 +/- 3.6% (mean +/- SD) compared with 2.5 +/- 1.4% in nondonors. In a comparison of percent iron absorption with changes in baseline iron stores, a statistically… CONTINUE READING

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