Evidence that Hensen's node is a site of retinoic acid synthesis

  title={Evidence that Hensen's node is a site of retinoic acid synthesis},
  author={Brigid L. M. Hogan and Christina Thaller and Gregor Eichele},
HENSEN'S node of amniotes, like the Spemann organizer of amphibians, can induce a second body axis when grafted into a host embryo1. The avian node, as well as several midline structures originating from it (notochord, floor plate), can also induce digit pattern duplications when grafted into the chick wing bud2,3. We report here that the equivalent of Hensen's node from mouse is an effective inducer of digits in the chick wing bud. Tissues anterior and posterior to the node also evoke pattern… CONTINUE READING

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