Evidence of ultrashort electron bunches in laser-plasma interactions at relativistic intensities.

  title={Evidence of ultrashort electron bunches in laser-plasma interactions at relativistic intensities.},
  author={S. D. Baton and Jo{\~a}o Jorge Santos and François Amiranoff and Horia I. Popescu and L. Gremillet and Michel Koenig and E Martinolli and Olivier Guilbaud and Colin G. Rousseaux and Marc Rabec Le Gloahec and Theodore A. Hall and Dimitri Batani and E Perelli and F Scianitti and Thomas E. Cowan},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={91 10},
The second harmonic of the laser light (2omega(0)) is observed on the rear side of thick solid targets irradiated by a laser beam at relativistic intensities. This emission is explained by the acceleration by the laser pulse in front of the target of short bunches of electrons separated by the period (or half the period) of the laser light. When reaching the rear side of the target, these electron bunches emit coherent transition radiation at 2omega(0). The observations indicate that, in our… CONTINUE READING


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