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Evidence of quantum vortex fluid in the mixed state of a very weakly pinned a-MoGe thin film

  title={Evidence of quantum vortex fluid in the mixed state of a very weakly pinned a-MoGe thin film},
  author={Surajit Dutta and Indranil Roy and Soumyajit Mandal and Somak Basistha and John Jesudasan and Vivas Bagwe and Pratap Raychaudhuri},
  journal={arXiv: Superconductivity},
Quantum fluids refer to a class of systems that remain in fluid state down to absolute zero temperature. In this letter, using a combination of magnetotransport and scanning tunneling spectroscopy down to 300 mK, we show that vortices in a very weakly pinned a-MoGe thin film can form a quantum vortex fluid. Under the application of a magnetic field perpendicular to the plane of the film, the vortex state transforms from a vortex solid to a hexatic vortex fluid and eventually to an isotropic… 
Fracton-elasticity duality of two-dimensional superfluid vortex crystals: defect interactions and quantum melting
Employing the fracton-elastic duality, we develop a low-energy effective theory of a zero-temperature vortex crystal in a two-dimensional bosonic superfluid which naturally incorporates crystalline


Melting of the Vortex Lattice through Intermediate Hexatic Fluid in an a-MoGe Thin Film.
Using a combination of real space imaging and transport measurements, it is shown that the two-dimensional vortex lattice in an a-MoGe thin film follows this sequence of melting as the magnetic field is increased.
Orientational coupling between the vortex lattice and the crystalline lattice in a weakly pinned Co(0.0075)NbSe2 single crystal.
Experimental evidence of strong orientational coupling between the crystal lattice and the vortex lattice in a weakly pinned Co-doped NbSe2 single crystal through direct imaging using low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy underpin the importance of crystal lattices symmetry on the vortex state phase diagram of weakly pins type II superconductors.
Temperature and Purity Dependence of the Superconducting Critical Field, H c 2 . III. Electron Spin and Spin-Orbit Effects
A previously obtained solution of the linearized Gor'kov equations for the upper critical magnetic field ${H}_{c2}$ of a bulk type-II superconductor is extended to include the effects of Pauli spin
The Vortex Lattice in Superconductors
Abstract Some properties of the flux-line lattice in conventional and high-Tc superconductors are reviewed, with particular stress on phenomenological theories, nonlocal elasticity, irreversible
and J . Matricon , Bound fermion states on a vortex line in a type II superconductor
  • J . Phys . Lett .
  • 1964