Evidence of preferential sweeping during snow settling in atmospheric turbulence

  title={Evidence of preferential sweeping during snow settling in atmospheric turbulence},
  author={Jiaqi Li and Aliza Abraham and Michele Guala and Jiarong Hong},
  journal={Journal of Fluid Mechanics},
  • Jiaqi Li, Aliza Abraham, +1 author Jiarong Hong
  • Published 10 September 2021
  • Physics
  • Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Abstract We present a field study of snow settling dynamics based on simultaneous measurements of the atmospheric flow field and snow particle trajectories. Specifically, a super-large-scale particle image velocimetry (SLPIV) system using natural snow particles as tracers is deployed to quantify the velocity field and identify vortex structures in a 22 m $\times$ 39 m field of view centred 18 m above the ground. Simultaneously, we track individual snow particles in a 3 m $\times$ 5 m sample… Expand


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