Evidence of natural recombination in classical swine fever virus.

  title={Evidence of natural recombination in classical swine fever virus.},
  author={Chengqiang He and Nai-Zheng Ding and Jian-guo Chen and Yun-long Li},
  journal={Virus research},
  volume={126 1-2},
Classical swine fever (CSF) virus, one member of the family Flaviviridae is the pathogen of CSF, an economically important and highly contagious disease of pigs. Although homologous recombination has been demonstrated in many other members of the family, it is unknown whether there is recombination in natural populations of CSFV. To detect possible recombination events, we performed a phylogenetic analysis of 25 full-length CSFV strains isolated all over the world. Putative recombinant… CONTINUE READING