Evidence of correlations between nuclear decay rates and Earth–Sun distance

  title={Evidence of correlations between nuclear decay rates and Earth–Sun distance},
  author={J. Jenkins and E. Fischbach and J. B. Buncher and J. Gruenwald and D. Krause and J. J. Mattes},
  journal={Astroparticle Physics},
Abstract Unexplained periodic fluctuations in the decay rates of 32 Si and 226 Ra have been reported by groups at Brookhaven National Laboratory ( 32 Si), and at the Physikalisch–Technische–Bundesanstalt in Germany ( 226 Ra). We show from an analysis of the raw data in these experiments that the observed fluctuations are strongly correlated in time, not only with each other, but also with the time of year. We discuss both the possibility that these correlations arise from seasonal influences on… Expand

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Non-dependence of nuclear decay rates of 123I and 99mTc on Earth-Sun distance.
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  • 2018
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