Evidence of chemical bonding to hydroxyapatite by phosphoric acid esters.

  title={Evidence of chemical bonding to hydroxyapatite by phosphoric acid esters.},
  author={Baiping Fu and Xuemei Sun and Weixin Yinling Qian and Yanqing Shen and Ranran Chen and Matthias Hannig},
  volume={26 25},
Phosphoric acid esters (PAEs) have been used as a self-etching primer for composite-to-enamel bonding in adhesive dentistry. However, the chemical mechanism of their interactions with hydroxyapatite (HA) is not clear. In the present study, HA particles were mixed with Resulcin AquaPrime (Merz Co.) priming agent that contains a mixture of PAEs, and dried. The primer, HA and the mixture of both were analyzed by FTIR. Primed and untreated HA discs were analyzed with attenuated total reflectance… CONTINUE READING

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