Evidence of a broad histamine footprint on the human exercise transcriptome.

  title={Evidence of a broad histamine footprint on the human exercise transcriptome.},
  author={S. A. Tanahara Romero and Austin D Hocker and Joshua E. Mangum and Meredith Joy Luttrell and Douglas William Turnbull and Adam J. Struck and Matthew R. Ely and Dylan C. Sieck and Hans C. Dreyer and John R Halliwill},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={594 17},
KEY POINTS Histamine is a primordial signalling molecule, capable of activating cells in an autocrine or paracrine fashion via specific cell surface receptors, in a variety of pathways that probably predate its more recent role in innate and adaptive immunity. Although histamine is normally associated with pathological conditions or allergic and anaphylactic reactions, it may contribute beneficially to the normal changes that occur within skeletal muscle during the recovery from exercise. We… CONTINUE READING

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