Evidence of Intermediate-scale Energy Spectrum Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays E ≥ 1019.2 eV with the Telescope Array Surface Detector

  title={Evidence of Intermediate-scale Energy Spectrum Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays E ≥ 1019.2 eV with the Telescope Array Surface Detector},
  author={R. U. Abbasi and Makito Abe and T. Abu-zayyad and Monica Allen and Ryuhei Azuma and E. Barcikowski and J. W. Belz and D. R. Bergman and S. A. Blake and R. L. Cady and B. G. Cheon and Junsei Chiba and Michiyuki Chikawa and Armando di Matteo and Toshitsugu Fujii and Kodai Fujita and Masaki Fukushima and Greg Furlich and Takashi Goto and W. P. Hanlon and M. Hayashi and Yoshitsugu Hayashi and N. Hayashida and Kenichi Hibino and Kazuhito Honda and Dai Ikeda and N. Inoue and Tomoaki Ishii and R. Ishimori and Hiroyuki Ito and Dmitri A. Ivanov and Hyo Min Jeong and Sungho Jeong and C. C. H. Jui and Kenichi Kadota and Fumio Kakimoto and Oleg E. Kalashev and Kota Kasahara and Hiroyo Kawai and Shintaro Kawakami and Shu-ichi Kawana and Kazumasa Kawata and Eiji Kido and H. B. Kim and Joon Hyun Kim and Shinya Kishigami and S. Kitamura and Y. Kitamura and Valentin Kuzmin and M. Kuznetsov and Y. J. Kwon and Kuan Huang Lee and B. K. Lubsandorzhiev and J. P. Lundquist and Kenji Machida and Kalen Martens and T. Matsuyama and J. N. Matthews and R. Mayta and M. Minamino and Kiyofumi Mukai and I. Myers and Kosuke Nagasawa and Shigehiro Nagataki and Rumi Nakamura and Toru M Nakamura and Toshiyuki Nonaka and A. Nozato and Hiroshi Oda and Shoichi Ogio and Jun Ogura and Mitsuru Ohnishi and Hiroshi Ohoka and Takashi Okuda and Yoshiharu Omura and Masaomi Ono and R. Onogi and Akitoshi Oshima and Shunsuke Ozawa and Il Hung Park and Maxim Pshirkov and Dolores Rodr{\'i}guez and Grigory Rubtsov and Dongsu Ryu and Hirotatsu Sagawa and Ryoji Sahara and Keiji Saito and Yoshitaka Saito and Nobuaki Sakaki and Nobuyuki Sakurai and Louis M Scott and Toshinori Seki and Kosuke Sekino and P. D. Shah and Fukashi Shibata and Takuma Shibata and Hideaki Shimodaira and B. K. Shin and H. S. Shin and John D. Smith and Pierre V. Sokolsky and B. T. Stokes and S. R. Stratton and T. A. Stroman and Tomoyuki Suzawa and Y. Takagi and Yasuhiro H. Takahashi and Mao Takamura and Ryo Takeishi and Akimichi Taketa and Mitsugu Takita and Yuichiro Tameda and Hiroyuki Tanaka and Kisaburou Tanaka and Mitsuhiro Tanaka and Stan B. Thomas and Gordon Bennett Thomson and Peter Tinyakov and I. I. Tkachev and Hisao Tokuno and Takayuki Tomida and Sergey Troitsky and Yoshiki Tsunesada and Kitomi Tsutsumi and Yukio Uchihori and S. Udo and Federico R. Urban and T. Wong and Masafumi Yamamoto and R. Yamane and H. Yamaoka and Kuniko Yamazaki and Ji Yang and Keiji Yashiro and Yu Yoneda and Sho Yoshida and Hisashi Yoshii and Ya. V. Zhezher and Zachary Zundel},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • R. U. Abbasi, Makito Abe, +136 authors Zachary Zundel
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • An intermediate-scale energy spectrum anisotropy has been found in the arrival directions of ultra-high energy cosmic rays of energies above $10^{19.2}$ eV in the northern hemisphere, using 7 years of data from the Telescope Array surface detector. A relative energy distribution test is done comparing events inside oversampled spherical caps of equal exposure, to those outside, using the Poisson likelihood ratio. The center of maximum significance is at $9^h$$16^m$, $45^{\circ}$. and has a… CONTINUE READING

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