Evidence from multiple gene sequences indicates that termites evolved from wood-feeding cockroaches

  title={Evidence from multiple gene sequences indicates that termites evolved from wood-feeding cockroaches},
  author={N. Lo and G. Tokuda and H. Watanabe and H. Rose and M. Slaytor and K. Maekawa and C. Bandi and H. Noda},
  journal={Current Biology},
  • N. Lo, G. Tokuda, +5 authors H. Noda
  • Published 2000
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current Biology
  • Despite more than half a century of research, the evolutionary origin of termites remains unresolved [1] [2] [3]. A clear picture of termite ancestry is crucial for understanding how these insects evolved eusociality, particularly because they lack the haplodiploid genetic system associated with eusocial evolution in bees, ants, wasps and thrips [4] [5]. Termites, together with cockroaches and praying mantids, constitute the order Dictyoptera, which has been the focus of numerous conflicting… CONTINUE READING
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