Evidence for ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism discovered in the Appalachian orogen

  title={Evidence for ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism discovered in the Appalachian orogen},
  author={Joseph P. Gonzalez and et al.},
The Appalachian orogen has long been enigmatic because, compared to other parts of the Paleozoic orogens that formed following the subduction of the Iapetus Ocean, direct evidence for ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) metamorphism has never been found. We report the first discovery of coesite in the Appalachian orogen in a metapelite from the mid-Ordovician (Taconic orogeny) Tillotson Peak Complex in Vermont (USA). Relict coesite occurs within a bimineralic SiO2 inclusion in garnet. In situ elastic… 
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