Evidence for two distinct serotonin transport systems in platelets.

  title={Evidence for two distinct serotonin transport systems in platelets.},
  author={Gary Rudnick and H Fishkes and Peter Jon Nelson and Shimon Schuldiner},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={255 8},
Two transport systems for serotonin were measured independently in osmotic lysates of porcine platelets. After pre-equilibration with potassium phosphate and dilution into NaCl medium, only the plasma membrane transport system was observed. Under these conditions, serotonin accumulation is inhibited by imipramine, but not by reserpine or norepinephrine, and requires high (100 meq/liter) concentrations of Na+. In the presence of ATP at low (10 meq/liter) concentrations of Na+, only the transport… CONTINUE READING
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