Evidence for tissue diffusion limitation of VO2max in normal humans.

  title={Evidence for tissue diffusion limitation of VO2max in normal humans.},
  author={Jorge De la Roca and Michael C Hogan and David Story and Donald E Bebout and P E Haab and Rita T. Gonzalez and O Ueno and Peter D. Wagner},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={67 1},
We recently found [at approximately 90% maximal O2 consumption (VO2max)] that as inspiratory PO2 (PIO2) was reduced, VO2 and mixed venous PO2 (PVO2) fell together along a straight line through the origin, suggesting tissue diffusion limitation of VO2max. To extend these observations to VO2max and directly examine effluent venous blood from muscle, six normal men cycled at VO2max while breathing air, 15% O2 and 12% O2 in random order on a single day. From femoral venous, mixed venous, and radial… CONTINUE READING


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