Evidence for the shikimate pathway in apicomplexan parasites

  title={Evidence for the shikimate pathway in apicomplexan parasites},
  author={Fiona Roberts and Craig W Roberts and Jennifer J. Johnson and Dennis E. Kyle and Tino Krell and John R. Coggins and Graham H. Coombs and Wilbur K. Milhous and Saul Tzipori and David J. P. Ferguson and Debopam Chakrabarti and Rima McLeod},
Parasites of the phylum Apicomplexa cause substantial morbidity, mortality and economic losses, and new medicines to treat them are needed urgently,. The shikimate pathway is an attractive target for herbicides and antimicrobial agents because it is essential in algae, higher plants, bacteria and fungi, but absent from mammals,. Here we present biochemical, genetic and chemotherapeutic evidence for the presence of enzymes of the shikimate pathway in apicomplexan parasites. In vitro growth of… CONTINUE READING
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