Evidence for the consumption of arboreal, diurnal primates by bonobos (Pan paniscus)

  title={Evidence for the consumption of arboreal, diurnal primates by bonobos (Pan paniscus)},
  author={M. Surbeck and A. Fowler and C. Deimel and G. Hohmann},
  journal={American Journal of Primatology},
  • M. Surbeck, A. Fowler, +1 author G. Hohmann
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American Journal of Primatology
  • We present evidence for the consumption of a diurnal, arboreal, group living primate by bonobos. The digit of an immature black mangabey (Lophocebus aterrimus) was found in the fresh feces of a bonobo (Pan paniscus) at the Lui Kotale study site, Democratic Republic of Congo. In close proximity to the fecal sample containing the remains of the digit, we also found a large part of the pelt of a black mangabey. Evidence suggests that the Lui Kotale bonobos consume more meat than other bonobo… CONTINUE READING
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