Evidence for superfluidity in a resonantly interacting Fermi gas.

  title={Evidence for superfluidity in a resonantly interacting Fermi gas.},
  author={Joseph Kinast and Stefan Hemmer and Michael E. Gehm and Andrey Turlapov and John E. Thomas},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={92 15},
We observe collective oscillations of a trapped, degenerate Fermi gas of 6Li atoms at a magnetic field just above a Feshbach resonance, where the two-body physics does not support a bound state. The gas exhibits a radial breathing mode at a frequency of 2837(05) Hz, in excellent agreement with the frequency of nu(H) identical with sqrt[10nu(x)nu(y)/3]=2830(20) Hz predicted for a hydrodynamic Fermi gas with unitarity-limited interactions. The measured damping times and frequencies are… CONTINUE READING
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