Evidence for recombination in scorpion mitochondrial DNA (Scorpiones: Buthidae).

  title={Evidence for recombination in scorpion mitochondrial DNA (Scorpiones: Buthidae).},
  author={Benjamin Gantenbein and Victor Fet and Iris A Gantenbein-Ritter and François Balloux},
  journal={Proceedings. Biological sciences},
  volume={272 1564},
There has been very little undisputed evidence for recombination in animal mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) provided so far. Previous unpublished results suggestive of mtDNA recombination in the scorpion family Buthidae, together with cytological evidence for a unique mechanism of mitochondrial fusion in that family, prompted us to investigate this group in more details. First, we sequenced the complete mtDNA genome of Mesobuthus gibbosus, and chose two genes opposing each other (16S and coxI). We… CONTINUE READING