Evidence for peripheral mechanisms inducing tissue tolerance during ontogeny.

  title={Evidence for peripheral mechanisms inducing tissue tolerance during ontogeny.},
  author={Catherine Corbel and Claes Martin and Hiroyuki Ohki and Monique Coltey and I. Hlo{\vz}{\'a}nek and Nicole M. Le Douarin},
  journal={International immunology},
  volume={2 1},
Tissue grafts from a histoincompatible donor of the same developmental stage were introduced into an early chick embryo host in order to probe the immune response to the graft after birth, when the host has reached immune maturity. Limb buds from B4 or B12 chicken strains were grafted in situ on (B15 x B21)F1 recipients that were allowed to hatch. The grafted wing grew normally and was tolerated in a nearly perfect way during the host's lifetime, although reversible rejection crises severely… CONTINUE READING


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