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Evidence for nootropic effect of BR-16A (Mentat), a herbal psychotropic preparation, in mice.

  title={Evidence for nootropic effect of BR-16A (Mentat), a herbal psychotropic preparation, in mice.},
  author={Shrinivas Krishnarao Kulkarni and Anita Kamra Verma},
  journal={Indian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={36 1},
  • S. KulkarniA. Verma
  • Published 1992
  • Biology, Psychology, Chemistry
  • Indian journal of physiology and pharmacology
BR-16A (Mentat 50-500 mg/kg) improved acquisition and retention of a passive avoidance task in a step-down paradigm in mice. BR-16A (50-500 mg/kg) reversed scopolamine (0.3 mg/kg)-induced disruption of acquisition and retention. BR 16-A (50 and 100 mg/kg) attenuated amnesia produced by the acute treatment with electroconvulsive shock (ECS), immediately after training. Chronic treatment with ECS, for 6 successive days at 24 h interval, disrupted memory consolidation on the 7th day. Daily… 

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Effect of BR-16A (MentatR) on cognitive deficits in aluminium-treated and aged rats

It is suggested that BR-16A (Mentat) improves learning and memory in aluminium-treated and aged rats.

Herbal pharmacotherapy for the attenuation of electroconvulsive shock-induced anterograde and retrograde amnestic deficits.

It is concluded that BR-16A facilitates learning and that this effect extends to a protection against ECS-induced anterograde and retrograde amnesia, and may hence hold promise in the restriction of ECT-induced cognitive compromise.

BR-16A protects against ECS-induced anterograde amnesia

BR-16A restricts development of electroconvulsive shock-induced retrograde amnesia

On the sleep promoting effects of BR-16A: interaction with GABAergic modulators.

Sleep promoting effect of BR-16A in combination with GABAergic drugs (triazolam and alprazolam) suggested that these drugs have common mechanism in sleep promotingEffect of pentobarbitone and could be used along with other GABAergic hypnotics for the treatment of insomnia.

BR-16 A Enhances Learning in Sprague – Dawley Rats

It is concluded that BR-16A facilitates learning and is claimed in Ayurveda to enhance cognition and to ameliorate various forms of deficits in organic brain states.

ECT-induced anterograde amnesia: can the deficits be minimized?

It is concluded that BR-16A protects against ECS-induced anterograde amnesia and may have scope in minimizing ECT-induced learning deficits.


It is concluded that the memory enhanced activity as evidenced by learning and retrieval was due to cholinergic facilitatory effect in animals, indicating a possible memory enhancing action of Sphaeranthus indicus which qualitatively comparable with that of piracetam.

Learning and Memory Enhancing Effects of BacoLive andreg; (An Enriched Composition of Bacopa monnieri Extract) in Scopolamine Induced Memory Impaired Mice

BacoLive® demonstrated learning and memory enhancing effects and reversed memory loss effects induced by scopolamine in mice, which suggest its beneficial role in conditions associated with memory and learning dysfunctions.


BR-16A neither attenuated clonidine induced alpha-2 noradrenergic receptor- mediated hypomotility nor accentuated apomorphine-induced dopamine postsynaptic receptor-mediated hypermotility, suggesting that it does not interfere with alpha- 2 noradRenergic and dopamine post Synaptic receptor functioning.



Evidence for GABA-BZ receptor modulation in short-term memory passive avoidance task paradigm in mice.

  • A. SharmaS. Kulkarni
  • Biology, Psychology
    Methods and findings in experimental and clinical pharmacology
  • 1990
Combined administration of lower dose (+/-)baclofen and subeffective dose of GABA showed significant decrease in latency and number of mistakes in scopolamine-treated animals.

MK‐801 produces antianxiety effect in elevated plus‐maze in mice

The study revealed the anxiolytic effect of MK‐801, a non‐competitive antagonist of NMDA‐receptor, and also an interaction of the NMDA-receptor and GABA/BZ‐recept complex in anxiety‐related behaviour in mice.

Scopolamine impairs learning performance of rats in a 14-unit T-maze

Utility of an elevated plus-maze for dissociation of amnesic and behavioral effects of drugs in mice.

Scopolamine effects on memory retention in mice: a model of dementia?

Validation of open : closed arm entries in an elevated plus-maze as a measure of anxiety in the rat

Mentat in Hyperactivity and Attention Deficiency Disorders - A double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Significant improvement was noted in the parameters following Mentat treatment as compared to placebo and the pre-treatment period, and improvement was evident in hyperactivity, social behaviour and attention.

Management of behaviour disorders and minimal brain dysfunction

On the whole the children became bright and alert and speech disturbances showed considerable improvement, and there were no toxic effects of Mentat syrup.

Therapy of mentally backward children with or without behavioural disorders

Remarkable improvement in the above-stated disorders was found after treatment of one year and four children started attending normal school.

Merllat in hyperactivity and aUention deficiency disorders - A double blind, placebo controlled study

  • Probe
  • 1991