Evidence for native-defect donors in n-type ZnO.

  title={Evidence for native-defect donors in n-type ZnO.},
  author={David C. Look and Gary Colbert Farlow and Pakpoom Reunchan and Sukit Limpijumnong and S. B. Zhang and Kai Nordlund},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={95 22},
Recent theory has found that native defects such as the O vacancy V(O) and Zn interstitial Zn(I) have high formation energies in n-type ZnO and, thus, are not important donors, especially in comparison to impurities such as H. In contrast, we use both theory and experiment to show that, under N ambient, the complex Zn(I)-N(O) is a stronger candidate than H or any other known impurity for a 30 meV donor commonly found in bulk ZnO grown from the vapor phase. Since the Zn vacancy is also the… 

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    Evidence for Native - Defect Donors in n - Type ZnO


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