Evidence for large pre-industrial perturbations of the Black Sea chemocline

  title={Evidence for large pre-industrial perturbations of the Black Sea chemocline},
  author={Timothy W. Lyons and Robert A. Berner and Robert Finis Anderson},
RECENT studies1–8 have documented significant short-term vertical fluctuations in the position of the oxic–anoxic interface (chemocline) in the waters of the Black Sea, the world's largest anoxic basin. Natural5,9 and anthropogenic3,4,8,10 influences have been invoked as possible causes of the observed fluctuations, but it has been difficult to establish the relative importance of these two forcings. One reason is that observations of the magnitude of chemocline displacement have not extended… CONTINUE READING

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The oceanic budgets of nickel and zinc isotopes: the importance of sulfidic environments as illustrated by the Black Sea.

Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences • 2016