Evidence for gammacerane as an indicator of water column stratification.

  title={Evidence for gammacerane as an indicator of water column stratification.},
  author={Jaap S Sinninghe Damst{\'e} and Fabien Kenig and Marion P. G. Koopmans and Jan Koster and Stefan Schouten and John M. Hayes and Jan-Willem de Leeuw},
  journal={Geochimica et cosmochimica acta},
  volume={59 9},
A new route for the formation of gammacerane from tetrahymanol is proposed; in addition to dehydration and hydrogenation, sulphurisation and early C-S cleavage are shown to be important in the pathway of formation, especially in marine sediments. Evidence is twofold. First, relatively large amounts of the gammacerane skeleton are sequestered in S-rich macromolecular aggregates formed by natural sulphurisation of functionalised lipids. Selective cleavage of polysulphide linkages with MeLi/MeI… CONTINUE READING

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