Evidence for dimeric BACE-mediated APP processing.

  title={Evidence for dimeric BACE-mediated APP processing.},
  author={Shaobo Jin and Karin Agerman and Karin Kolmodin and Elin Gustafsson and Camilla Dahlqvist and Anders Jur{\'e}us and Gang Liu and Johanna M F{\"a}lting and Stefan Berg and Johan Lundkvist and Urban Lendahl},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
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beta-Secretase (BACE) is an aspartyl protease, which proteolytically processes amyloid precursor protein, making BACE an interesting pharmacological target in Alzheimer's disease. To study the enzymatic function of BACE, we mutated either of the two aspartic acid residues in the active site of BACE. This rendered BACE functionally inactive without affecting… CONTINUE READING