Evidence for cell-mediated immunity to collagen in progressive systemic sclerosis.

  title={Evidence for cell-mediated immunity to collagen in progressive systemic sclerosis.},
  author={John M. Stuart and Arnold E. Postlethwaite and Andrew Kang},
  journal={The Journal of laboratory and clinical medicine},
  volume={88 4},
Peripheral blood leukocytes from 12 patients with progressive systemic sclerosis and from 12 normal subjects were cultured in the presence of human skin collagen, lathryritic chick skin collagen, and alpha-chains from chick skin collagen. Leukocytes from 11 of the patients produced a factor chemotactic for human monocytes when cultured with the collagen preparations. The one patient whose cells did not respond to the collagen preparations also failed to respond to other common antigens and was… CONTINUE READING

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