Evidence for bouncing evolution before inflation after BICEP2.


The BICEP2 Collaboration reports a detection of primordial cosmic microwave background (CMB) B mode with a tensor-to-scalar ratio r = 0.20(-0.05)(+0.07) (68% C.L.). However, this result disagrees with the recent Planck limit r < 0.11 (95% C.L.) on constraining inflation models. In this Letter we consider an inflationary cosmology with a preceding… (More)

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@article{Xia2014EvidenceFB, title={Evidence for bouncing evolution before inflation after BICEP2.}, author={Jun-Qing Xia and Yi-Fu Cai and Hong Li and Xinmin Zhang}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2014}, volume={112 25}, pages={251301} }