Evidence for alternative male morphs in a Tanganyikan cichlid fish

  title={Evidence for alternative male morphs in a Tanganyikan cichlid fish},
  author={J. Hellmann and C. O’Connor and I. Y. Ligocki and T. M. Farmer and T. J. Arnold and A. R. Reddon and Kelly A. Garvy and S. Marsh-Rollo and Sigal Balshine and I. Hamilton},
  journal={Journal of Zoology},
Teleost fish show tremendous variation in breeding systems. In particular, indeterminate growth and external fertilization create great disparities in reproductive success among males, which drive the evolution of male reproductive polymorphisms. Here, we present evidence for alternative male reproductive tactics in Neolamprologus modestus, a substrate-spawning African cichlid fish. We observed two types of males in our study site: (1) males that guarded large territories comprised of smaller… Expand
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