Evidence for a stepwise evolution of the CD3 family.

  title={Evidence for a stepwise evolution of the CD3 family.},
  author={Thomas W. F. G{\"o}bel and Jean Pierre Dangy},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={164 2},
The three CD3 components of the TCR complex are encoded as clustered genes in mammals. The evolution of such a multimeric complex is likely to occur stepwise. The chicken CD3 cluster was entirely sequenced, and, in contrast to mammals, only two chicken CD3 genes were found to be physically linked to the unrelated genes HZW10 and epithelial V-like Ag flanking both sides of the CD3 cluster. Biochemical analyses of CD3 immunoprecipitates confirmed the presence of only two CD3 proteins and revealed… CONTINUE READING

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