Evidence for a specific function for histidine residues in transaldolase.

  title={Evidence for a specific function for histidine residues in transaldolase.},
  author={Karl Brand and Orestes Tsolas and Bernard L. Horecker},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={130 1},
  • Karl Brand, Orestes Tsolas, Bernard L. Horecker
  • Published in
    Archives of biochemistry and…
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Abstract Experiments carried out with crystalline transaldolase from Candida utilis suggest that histidine residues play a specific role in initiating the cleavage reaction. The dihydroxyacetone complex, formed from fructose 6-phosphate and enzyme in the presence of tritium-labeled water, was found to contain tritium, approaching one equivalent per mole of enzyme. This tritium exchanged very slowly with water. It was quantitatively recovered in the C-3 position of β-glyceryllysine when the… CONTINUE READING

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