Evidence for a scaling solution in cosmic-string evolution.

  title={Evidence for a scaling solution in cosmic-string evolution.},
  author={Bennett and Bouchet},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={60 4},
We study, by means of numerical simulations, the most fundamental issue of cosmic string evolution: the existence of a scaling solution. We find strong evidence that a scaling solution does indeed exist. This justifies the main sssumption on which the cosmic string theories of galaxy formation are baaed. Our main conclusion coincides with that of Albrecht and Turok in previous work, but our results are not consistent with theirs. In fact, our results indicate that the details of string… CONTINUE READING

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Albrecht and Turok have recently done some significantly larger runs

F. R. Bouchet, D. P. Bennett
Phys. Rev. D29, • 1984

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