Evidence for a protein transported through the secretory pathway en route to the higher plant chloroplast

  title={Evidence for a protein transported through the secretory pathway en route to the higher plant chloroplast},
  author={Arsenio Villarejo and S. Janae Van Buren and Susanne Larsson and Annabelle D{\'e}jardin and Magnus Monn{\'e} and Charlotta Rudhe and Jan Karlsson and Stefan Jansson and Patrice Lerouge and Norbert Rolland and Gunnar von Heijne and Markus Grebe and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Bak{\'o} and G{\"o}ran Samuelsson},
  journal={Nature Cell Biology},
In contrast to animal and fungal cells, green plant cells contain one or multiple chloroplasts, the organelle(s) in which photosynthetic reactions take place. Chloroplasts are believed to have originated from an endosymbiotic event and contain DNA that codes for some of their proteins. Most chloroplast proteins are encoded by the nuclear genome and imported with the help of sorting signals that are intrinsic parts of the polypeptides. Here, we show that a chloroplast-located protein in higher… CONTINUE READING
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