Evidence for a mitogenic effect of Wnt-1 in the developing mammalian central nervous system.

  title={Evidence for a mitogenic effect of Wnt-1 in the developing mammalian central nervous system.},
  author={M. E. Dickinson and Robb K Krumlauf and Andrew P. McMahon},
  volume={120 6},
The analysis of mutant alleles at the Wnt-1 locus has demonstrated that Wnt-1-mediated cell signalling plays a critical role in development of distinct regions of the embryonic central nervous system (CNS). To determine how these signals participate in the formation of the CNS, we have ectopically expressed this factor in the spinal cord under the control of the Hoxb-4 Region A enhancer. Ectopic Wnt-1 expression causes a dramatic increase in the number of cells undergoing mitosis in the… CONTINUE READING

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