Evidence for a direct antitumor mechanism of action of bovine lactoferricin.

  title={Evidence for a direct antitumor mechanism of action of bovine lactoferricin.},
  author={Liv Tone Eliassen and Gerd Berge and Baldur Sveinbj\ornsson and John S Svendsen and Lars H Vorland and \Oystein Rekdal},
  journal={Anticancer research},
  volume={22 5},
BACKGROUND Bovine lactoferrin (LFB) and its pepsin-generated peptide lactoferricin (LfcinB) possess antitumor activities. The mechanism underlying the antitumor activities of LfcinB in vivo has not been elucidated. In this study the antitumor activities exerted by LFB, LfcinB and murine lactoferricin (LfcinM) on murine tumor cell lines and experimental tumors were investigated. MATEIALS AND METHODS: The protein and peptides were tested against Meth A fibrosarcoma, B16F10 melanoma and C26 colon… CONTINUE READING


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Health-Related Aspects of Milk Proteins

Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research : IJPR • 2016

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