Evidence for a clade of nematodes, arthropods and other moulting animals

  title={Evidence for a clade of nematodes, arthropods and other moulting animals},
  author={A. M. Aguinaldo and J. Turbeville and Lawrence S. Linford and M. C. Rivera and J. Garey and R. Raff and J. Lake},
  • A. M. Aguinaldo, J. Turbeville, +4 authors J. Lake
  • Published 1997
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • The arthropods constitute the most diverse animal group, but, despite their rich fossil record and a century of study, their phylogenetic relationships remain unclear1. Taxa previously proposed to be sister groups to the arthropods include Annelida, Onychophora, Tardigrada and others, but hypotheses of phylogenetic relationships have been conflicting2,3. For example, onychophorans, like arthropods, moult periodically, have an arthropod arrangement of haemocoel1,4, and have been related to… CONTINUE READING
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