Evidence for Multiple Companions to Upsilon Andromedae

  title={Evidence for Multiple Companions to Upsilon Andromedae},
  author={Rebecca P. Butler and Geo rey W. Marcy and Debra A. Fischer and Timothy W. C. Brown and Adam R. Contos and Sylvain G. Korzennik and Peter Nisenson and Robert W. Noyes},
1 Based on observations obtained at Lick Observatory, operated by the University of California, and at the Whipple Observatory, operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. ABSTRACT The bright F8 V star Andromedae was previously reported to have a 4.6 day Doppler velocity periodicity, consistent with a Jupiter{mass companion orbiting at 0.059 AU. Follow{up observations by both the Lick and AFOE planet survey programs connrm this periodicity, and reveal additional periodicities at 242… CONTINUE READING