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Evidence for Centrifugal Breakout around the Young M Dwarf TIC 234284556

  title={Evidence for Centrifugal Breakout around the Young M Dwarf TIC 234284556},
  author={Elsa K. Palumbo and B. Montet and A. Feinstein and L. Bouma and J. Hartman and L. Hillenbrand and M. Gully-Santiago and K. Banks},
Magnetospheric clouds have been proposed as explanations for depth-varying dips in the phased light curves of young, magnetically active stars such as σOri E and RIK-210. However, the stellar theory that first predicted magnetospheric clouds also anticipated an associated mass-loss mechanism known as centrifugal breakout for which there has been limited empirical evidence. In this paper, we present data from TESS, LCO, ASAS-SN, and Veloce on the 45 Myr M3.5 star TIC 234284556, and propose that… Expand


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