Evidence for Ca2+ control of the transducer mechanism in crayfish stretch receptor

  title={Evidence for Ca2+ control of the transducer mechanism in crayfish stretch receptor},
  author={Ronald A. Chaplain},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
Recording from the dendrite membrane indicated a resting potential of −51.6 mV, which was reduced by inhibition of the Na+/K+ pump. Voltage clamp at rest revealed a small inward current between −50 and −80 mV and a larger outward current at clamp potentials of −40 to +30 mV. Using ramp-changes of muscle tension as stimuli a time-variant tension-induced inward current (TIC) became apparent, the amplitude of which decreased towards larger depolarizing voltages until at +18 mV the current reversed… CONTINUE READING


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