Evidence-based incorporation of serum sodium concentration into MELD.

  title={Evidence-based incorporation of serum sodium concentration into MELD.},
  author={Scott W. Biggins and Woong Kim and Norah A. Terrault and Sammy Saab and Vijay Balan and Thomas D. Schiano and J. W. Benson and Terry M. Therneau and Walter Karl Kremers and Russell H. Wiesner and Patrick Sequeira Kamath and Goran Klintmalm},
  volume={130 6},
BACKGROUND & AIMS Serum sodium (Na) concentrations have been suggested as a useful predictor of mortality in patients with end-stage liver disease awaiting liver transplantation. METHODS We evaluated methods to incorporate Na into model for end-stage liver disease (MELD), using a prospective, multicenter database specifically created for validation and refinement of MELD. Adult, primary liver transplant candidates with end-stage liver disease were enrolled. RESULTS Complete data were… CONTINUE READING

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