Evidence-based development of a post-surgical lumbar discectomy leaflet intervention: a Delphi consensus study

  title={Evidence-based development of a post-surgical lumbar discectomy leaflet intervention: a Delphi consensus study},
  author={P. Goodwin and C. Wright and C. Allan and L. Crowther and C. Darley and A. Heap and E. Paul and L. White and A. Rushton},
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Objective To produce free, expert-informed postoperative information for lumbar discectomy patients, satisfying UK National Health Service Information Standards. Design A mixed methods approach utilising the Delphi technique and focus groups. Setting Five spinal centres across the UK. Participants Panel members included 23 physiotherapists, 11 patients and 17 spinal surgeons. Intervention Three rounds of questionnaires including open and closed questions and attendance at a clinician/patient… Expand
Physiotherapy Post Lumbar Discectomy: Prospective Feasibility and Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial
A randomised controlled trial to ascertain the effectiveness of combining the interventions into a stepped care intervention and comparing to a no intervention arm and it is promising that they both demonstrated a trend in reducing disability in this population. Expand
Descriptive analysis of a 1:1 physiotherapy outpatient intervention post primary lumbar discectomy: one arm of a small-scale parallel randomised controlled trial across two UK sites
An optimised 1:1 physiotherapy outpatient intervention for patients following primary lumbar discectomy is described, analysed and evaluated to provide preliminary insights. Expand
Patient and physiotherapist perceptions of rehabilitation following primary lumbar discectomy: a qualitative focus group study embedded within an external pilot and feasibility trial
Patients’ personal priorities, for example, their need to return to work, influenced their preferences for rehabilitation interventions following surgery, and the study patient leaflet and 1:1 physiotherapy interventions were perceived as high quality and valuable. Expand
Is it possible to obtain consensus on the tactics of early rehabilitation period after lumbar microdisCectomy
The demonstrated interdisciplinary differences in the treatment, rehabilitation and timing of physical activity restriction for patients after lumbar microdisectomy require unification of the tactics of postoperative management. Expand
Influence of Early Intensive Rehabilitation on Functional Mobility after Low Back Surgery
It is revealed that early rehabilitation program consists of therapeutic exercises and written educational booklet after low back surgery improves transfer abilities and basic activities in one month. Expand
The Utilization of Consensus Techniques in Education and Research in Medical Professions
ABSTRACT Study Design This is a narrative review. Introduction Consensus techniques are an increasingly common research tool used to define levels of expert agreement on a topic where evidence isExpand
Development of culturally sensitive Pain Neuroscience Education for first-generation Turkish patients with chronic pain: A modified Delphi study.
Culturally sensitive PNE materials were produced for first-generation Turkish patients and further validation of education materials may be required before they are recommended for Turkish patients in clinical practices. Expand


A survey of post-operative management for patients following first time lumbar discectomy
There was more variation in the provision of outpatient physiotherapy treatment following first time lumbar discectomy than in the inpatient phase, and a wide range of clinical practice was evident. Expand
The development of an evidence-based patient booklet for patients undergoing lumbar discectomy and un-instrumented decompression
The booklet was built around key messages derived from the literature review and aimed to reduce uncertainty, promote positive beliefs, encourage early reactivation, and provide practical advice on self-management. Expand
Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Post First Lumbar Discectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Inconclusive evidence exists for the effectiveness of outpatient physiotherapy post first lumbar discectomy, and best practice remains unclear. Expand
What do patients feel they can do following lumbar microdiscectomy? A qualitative study
Insight is gained into patients' experiences of physiotherapy and activity choices during this period of rehabilitation in an acute neurosurgical unit in the Northeast of England to gain insight into high levels of postoperative anxiety about movement and activity. Expand
National audit of post-operative management in spinal surgery
Demonstrable inconsistencies within and between spinal surgeons in their approaches to post-operative management can be interpreted as evidence of continuing and significant uncertainty across the sub-speciality as to what does constitute best care in these areas of practice. Expand
A Delphi study investigating consensus among expert physiotherapists in relation to the management of low back pain.
This study indicated that it is possible to establish consensus among expert clinicians in relation to the management of LBP, and showed that physiotherapy management within the location studied conformed to current LBP evidence-based clinical guidelines. Expand
Development of a clinical examination in non-specific low back pain: a Delphi technique.
This is the first work to establish discriminatory tests in the clinical examination of non-specific low back pain, important to physiotherapists and may provide evidence for the existence of homogenous sub-groups within the heterogeneous non- SpecificLow back pain diagnosis. Expand
Patients’ views on an education booklet following spinal surgery
An evidence-based education booklet developed for patients undergoing spinal surgery used as a treatment intervention in a multi-centre, factorial, randomised controlled trial investigating the post-operative management of spinal surgery patients was evaluated. Expand
The immediate and long-term effects of exercise and patient education on physical, functional, and quality-of-life outcome measures after single-level lumbar microdiscectomy: a randomized controlled trial protocol
The rationale and design for a randomized controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a treatment regimen for people who have undergone a single-level lumbar microdiscectomy for the first time are presented. Expand
ISSLS Prize Winner: Function After Spinal Treatment, Exercise, and Rehabilitation (FASTER) A Factorial Randomized Trial to Determine Whether the Functional Outcome of Spinal Surgery Can Be Improved
This study found that neither intervention had a significant impact on long-term outcome, with the primary outcome measure the Oswestry Disability Index at 12 months. Expand