Evidence and Inquiry: Towards Reconstruction in Epistemology

  title={Evidence and Inquiry: Towards Reconstruction in Epistemology},
  author={Susan Haack},
  • S. Haack
  • Published 1 October 1995
  • Philosophy, Sociology
(Evidencia e investigacion. Hacia la reconstruccion en epistemologia)". Oxford: Blackwell, 1993. 259 pp. 
A 'Broken People' defend science: Reconstructing the Deweyan Buddha of India's dalits
ion is male, oppressive and Western, while interaction is female, liberatory and
Rationality in inquiry : on the revisability of cognitive standards
The topic of this study is to what extent standards of rational inquiry can be rationally criticized and revised. It is argued that it is rational to treat all such standards as open to criticism a
Types of knowledge in science-based practices
CITATION: Boshoff, N. 2014. Types of knowledge in science-based practices. Journal of Science Communication, 13(3):A06.
Psychology's Interpretive Turn: The Search for Truth and Agency in Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
The author skillfully crafts the argument that any philosophy of psychology that in principle precludes the possibility of objective psychological knowledge and truth also undermines an agency
The epistemological ties that bind : a pragmatist case asainst feminist theories of truth and knowledge and the implications for feminist science
Feminist claims that scientific activity is intimately involved with the oppression of women, often identify aspects of the epistemology of science, or scientific method, as the primary culprit. In
Reflections on methodology and interdisciplinarity in the postmodern dialogue between theology and the natural sciences
Postmodern interdisciplinarity provides a more flexible and productive methodological framework for the age-old dialogue between theology and the natural sciences than did the modern more rigid and
Mass media, lifestyle and young adults’ (un)reflexive negotiation of social and individual identities in Windhoek
Dissertation presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Journalism) at Stellenbosch University
Theory-Pluralism in Public Administration
Neopragmatists in public administration (PA) consistently argue that neopragmatism upgrades regular pragmatism. This claim rests on the contention that pragmatism is host to epistemic
Evidence for practice, epistemology, and critical reflection.
  • M. Avis, D. Freshwater
  • Philosophy
    Nursing philosophy : an international journal for healthcare professionals
  • 2006
It is argued that there is much to be gained by making the processes of critical reflection explicit, and that it can make a valid contribution to expert nursing practice, without recourse to irreducible concepts such as intuition.
Knowledge and Epistemology in Scholarship , Practice and Policy : Research-as-Science and Research-as-Project
This chapter continues to set the scene for this volume by returning to the fundamental question of epistemology. How can we informatively categorise the forms of research that currently seek to