Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SFX but Were Afraid to Ask

  title={Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SFX but Were Afraid to Ask},
  author={Wendy C. Robertson and Paul A. Soderdahl},
  journal={The Serials Librarian},
  pages={129 - 138}
Abstract Link resolvers, including Ex Libris' SFX, use OpenURL to provide library patrons with context-sensitive links, such as the ability to move quickly from a citation in an abstracting and indexing database to the full text. In SFX, information for determining the appropriate links is maintained in the knowledge base, which contains details about a library's electronic holdings and other information about electronic information resources. This article describes SFX functionality, what the… Expand
Link Resolvers
A brief overview of link resolver implementation and terminology is given and the data problems and issues encountered during and after implementation of Innovative Interfaces' link software, WebBridge are explored. Expand
SFX, Information Needs, the Academic Library, and Its User
Whether SFX can be used not only as a link resolver, but also as a tool for assessing user information needs is examined, which offers some crucial benefits for libraries, too. Expand
SFX Statistical Reports: A Primer for Collection Assessment Librarians
An overview of the 20 established statistical reports available through the SFX statistics module is provided, including suggestions for how the data from these reports can be used to answer questions about how academic journal collections and their indexes are being used and what users need but are not finding. Expand
Value-added services for SFX link resolver: the linking service to Journal Citation Reports
  • F. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • Electron. Libr.
  • 2010
A new target parser for JCR was created, which can become a global SFX target parser once its responsibility for updates is transferred to Ex Libris. Expand
Do They "Get It"? Student Usage of SFX Citation Linking Software
Whether or not students are using SFX, and, if so, how they are using it, is revealed in a quantitative assessment of undergraduate student use of SFX citation linking software. Expand
The SFX citation linker and its enhancements
  • F. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • Libr. Hi Tech
  • 2010
This paper implements and enhances the citation linker that enables users to search articles, journals, and books with minimal but sufficient citation metadata. Expand
Measuring Link-Resolver Success: Comparing 360 Link With a Local Implementation of Webbridge
This study reviewed link resolver success comparing 360 Link and a local implementation of WebBridge. Two methods were used: (1) comparing article-level access and (2) examining technical issues forExpand
Churer Schriften zur Informationswissenschaft
Die zunehmende Dynamik auf dem Gebiet der Informations-, Vernetzungsund Medientechnologien hat fur das System der akademischen Ausbildung gravierende Auswirkungen. Es wird eine neue Literacy, dieExpand
Public debt limit of the EU Member States and its impact on polish legal system – considerations in the context of public finance stability
The author’s goal is to determine the consequences of implementing treaty solutions concerning public debt to the Polish Constitution and to define the differences between the methodology of countingExpand
Link server aggregation with BEACON
We demonstrate BEACON, the simplest possible file format to exchange links. It is successfully used by more than 50 institutions to provide links to be aggregated by Wikipedia and other projects.


Access Interfaces for Open Archival Information Systems based on the OAI-PMH and the OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services
The definition of common and standardized access interfaces that could be deployed across such diverse digital respository and archival systems are focused on. Expand
Computers and Intractability: A Guide to the Theory of NP-Completeness
Horn formulae play a prominent role in artificial intelligence and logic programming. In this paper we investigate the problem of optimal compression of propositional Horn production rule knowledgeExpand
A hierarchical approach to computer Hex
D deduction rules are described, which are used to calculate values of complex Hex positions recursively starting from the simplest ones, and how this approach is implemented in HEXY – the strongest Hex-playing computer program. Expand
Hex ist PSPACE-vollständig
  • S. Reisch
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Acta Informatica
  • 2004
The crucial point of the proof is to establish PSPACE-hardness for a generalization of Hex played on planar graphs by showing that the problem, whether a given quantified Boolean formula in conjunctive normal form is true, is polynomial time-reducible to the decision problem for generalized Hex. Expand
An Extension of the H-Search Algorithm for Artificial Hex Players
The H- search is extended with a new deduction rule capable of discovering virtual connections that the H-search cannot prove and the horizon of the artificial Hex players should move further away. Expand
The Essential John Nash
The author presents a meta-anatomy of non-Cooperative games, focusing on the role of cooperation in the development of algebraic manifolds and their role in the design of scalable systems. Expand
Hex strategy - making the right connections
Hex Strategy is the first book to offer a comprehensive look at the game of Hex, from its history and mathematical underpinnings to discussions of advanced playing techniques. This is first andExpand
Connection Games - Variations on a Theme
This book aims to impose some structure on this increasingly large family of games, and to define exactly what constitutes a connection game. Expand
A Combinatorial Problem Which Is Complete in Polynomial Space
It is shown that determining who wins such a game if each player plays perfectly is very hard; this result suggests that the theory of combinational games is difficult. Expand
Describes properties of the genre connection games in particular exemplified with Hex and Y
  • Describes properties of the genre connection games in particular exemplified with Hex and Y
  • 2005