Everyday invasions: Fuckland, geopolitics, and the (re)production of insecurity in the Falkland Islands

  title={Everyday invasions: Fuckland, geopolitics, and the (re)production of insecurity in the Falkland Islands},
  author={Matthew C. Benwell and Alasdair Pinkerton},
  journal={Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space},
  pages={1016 - 998}
Academic and popular debates examining the geopolitics of the Falklands Islands/Islas Malvinas have focused overwhelming attention on the 1982 war and its aftermath in ways that foreground (in)security in predominantly militaristic terms. Notwithstanding these tendencies, this paper seeks to think through another example of ‘invasion’ of the Falkland Islands that has been important in provoking and sustaining insecurity among Islanders. The film Fuckland (2000), directed by José Luis Marqués… 
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