Every city needs a Klinika: The struggle for autonomy in the post-political city

  title={Every city needs a Klinika: The struggle for autonomy in the post-political city},
  author={Arno{\vs}t Nov{\'a}k},
  journal={Social Movement Studies},
  pages={276 - 291}
  • A. Novák
  • Published 28 May 2020
  • Political Science
  • Social Movement Studies
ABSTRACT The article uses the struggle for an autonomous social centre in Prague to examine the concept of post-politicization in the post-socialist city. Using the case of the squatted social centre Klinika, it discusses different kinds of prefiguration and argues that the struggle for this space has the ability to re-politicize the post-political city. The case of Klinika demonstrates that post-politics is not a one-way process – but re-politicization is not either. These processes may… 
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