Every 3-connected claw-free Z8-free graph is Hamiltonian


In this article, we first show that every 3-edge-connected graph with circumference at most 8 is supereulerian, which is then applied to show that a 3-connected claw-free graph without Z8 as an induced subgraph is Hamiltonian, where Z8 denotes the graph derived from identifying one end vertex of P9 (a path with 9 vertices) with one vertex of a triangle. The… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/jgt.20433


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@article{Lai2010Every3C, title={Every 3-connected claw-free Z8-free graph is Hamiltonian}, author={Hong-Jian Lai and Liming Xiong and Huiya Yan and Jin Yan}, journal={Journal of Graph Theory}, year={2010}, volume={64}, pages={1-11} }