Everettian Rationality: defending Deutsch's approach to probability in the Everett interpretation

  title={Everettian Rationality: defending Deutsch's approach to probability in the Everett interpretation},
  author={D. Wallace},
  journal={Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics},
  • D. Wallace
  • Published 2003
  • Philosophy, Physics
  • Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics
  • An analysis is made of Deutsch's recent claim to have derived the Born rule from decision-theoretic assumptions. It is argued that Deutsch's proof must be understood in the explicit context of the Everett interpretation, and that in this context, it essentially succeeds. Some comments are made about the criticism of Deutsch's proof by Barnum, Caves, Finkelstein, Fuchs, and Schank; it is argued that the flaw which they point out in the proof does not apply if the Everett interpretation is… CONTINUE READING
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