[Ever growing regional differences in population numbers].


"The most urbanized provinces of the Netherlands are North-Holland, South-Holland and Utrecht. In these provinces, the population density (number of inhabitants per square kilometer of land) is five times that of the Northern provinces and Zeeland.... According to the Regional Population Forecasts 1994, up to 2015 all the provinces are expected to have a positive population growth. The population of the youngest province Flevoland will grow most rapidly: by about 50%. The population growth, both in relative and absolute terms, will be small in the Northern provinces and Zeeland (in the South West)." (SUMMARY IN ENG)

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@article{Hoorn1995EverGR, title={[Ever growing regional differences in population numbers].}, author={Willem van Hoorn}, journal={Maandstatistiek van de bevolking}, year={1995}, volume={43 2}, pages={8-11} }