Event-related potentials to elementary auditory input in distractible adolescents

  title={Event-related potentials to elementary auditory input in distractible adolescents},
  author={Sara M{\"a}{\"a}tt{\"a} and Pia M Saavalainen and Eila Herrg{\aa}rd and Ari P{\"a}{\"a}kk{\"o}nen and Juhani Partanen},
  journal={Clinical Neurophysiology},
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to examine the role of brain activity related to orienting in distractibility. METHODS Event-related potentials (ERPs) were recorded in response to intermittently presented, non-attended trains of identical auditory stimuli in otherwise healthy but easily distractible (n=16) and non-distractible (n=16) 15-to-16 year old adolescents. RESULTS In easily distractible adolescents, the first tone in each train elicited a significantly larger N1 response than in… CONTINUE READING

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