Event-related fMRI analysis of the cerebral circuit for number comparison.

  title={Event-related fMRI analysis of the cerebral circuit for number comparison.},
  author={Philippe Pinel and Gurvan Le Clec'H and P-F van de Moortele and Lionel Naccache and Denis Le Bihan and Stanislas Dehaene},
  volume={10 7},
Cerebral activity during number comparison was studied with functional magnetic resonance imaging using an event-related design. We identified an extended network of task-related areas that showed a phasic activation following each trial, including anterior cingulate, bilateral sensorimotor areas, inferior occipito-temporal cortices, posterior parietal cortices, inferior and dorsolateral prefrontal cortices, and thalami. We then tested which of these areas were affected by number notation… CONTINUE READING
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