Event-related brain potentials reflect traces of echoic memory in humans.

  title={Event-related brain potentials reflect traces of echoic memory in humans.},
  author={Istv{\'a}n Winkler and Kalevi Reinikainen and Risto N{\"a}{\"a}t{\"a}nen},
  journal={Perception & psychophysics},
  volume={53 4},
In sequences of identical auditory stimuli, infrequent deviant stimuli elicit an event-related brain potential component called mismatch negativity (MMN). MMN is presumed to reflect the existence of a memory trace of the frequent stimulus at the moment of presentation of the infrequent stimulus. This hypothesis was tested by applying the recognition-masking paradigm of cognitive psychology. In this paradigm, a masking sound presented shortly before or after a test stimulus diminishes the… CONTINUE READING

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