Event-horizon-scale structure in the supermassive black hole candidate at the Galactic Centre

  title={Event-horizon-scale structure in the supermassive black hole candidate at the Galactic Centre},
  author={Sheperd S. Doeleman and Jonathan Weintroub and Alan E. E. Rogers and Richard L. Plambeck and Robert W. Freund and Remo P. J. Tilanus and Per Friberg and Lucy M. Ziurys and James M. Moran and Brian E. Corey and Ken H. Young and D. L. Smythe and Michael Titus and Daniel P. Marrone and Roger J. Cappallo and Douglas C.-J. Bock and Geoffrey C. Bower and Richard Chamberlin and Gary A. Davis and Thomas P. Krichbaum and James Lamb and Holly L. Maness and Arthur E. Niell and Alan L. Roy and Peter A. Strittmatter and Daniel J. Werthimer and Alan R. Whitney and David Woody},
The cores of most galaxies are thought to harbour supermassive black holes, which power galactic nuclei by converting the gravitational energy of accreting matter into radiation. Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), the compact source of radio, infrared and X-ray emission at the centre of the Milky Way, is the closest example of this phenomenon, with an estimated black… CONTINUE READING

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